Matt Lucier

              Home Inspector

Massachusetts Lic. #940


Matt Lucier

MA Home Inspector Lic #940

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read up on me. My name is Matt and I've been a home inspector for years now, averaging over 250 home inspections each year. I currently own and operate my own inspection business, Four Season Inspections.

My wife and I have lived in Massachusetts all of our lives. My wife currently teaches honors chemistry and honors physics at the high school level. We have owned a few homes in Franklin County, upgrading them as we live in them. Pictured is a selfie I took while installing a metal roof on our converted cabin. Working on the mechanical and structural systems of my own home gives me perspective on work that needs to be done on the homes I inspect. I'm still working on improving my photography skills!

I love home inspecting for many reasons. Unlike a typical desk job, I have the opportunity to travel, meet new people and inspect different homes every day. I appreciate this type of work because I enjoy helping people understand how their home works, the condition it is in, and its potential. Occasionally I will see an interesting feature in home I am inspecting and find a way to incorporate something similar into my own home!

When I inspect, I appreciate having my clients with me during the inspection so we can talk about the home. My goal on every inspection is to educate my clients on how the home works, answer any questions that may come up, and fully inform my clients with an accurate inspection and report on the condition of the property and areas of concern. I take pride when when all your questions are answered and you are confident on how to proceed with the property purchase.

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We approach every home equally and present information about its systems' condition in an unbiased and professional manner. We provide you with this information so you can make an informed decision that is right for you.


We offer our clients an established history of home inspecting in Western Massachusetts. Your home inspection is performed by an experienced home inspector who knows what to look for and what not to miss.


During the inspection, we take the time to answer your questions, identify areas of concern, and explain what it means to you as a perspective home buyer. We are also available after the inspection to answer any questions you have.


Our home inspections and their reports are fully confidential. Your digital report is sent only to you. Pictures taken of your home don't end up on the internet. We do not speak to sellers or their agents about your home inspection.